PALL-ing old freinds

I´m currently staying with old friends in Singapore. They learnt about plastic pollution through me, they´d have no idea otherwise. Busy parents working full time, no beaches to see the tide coming in, every thing moved from sight and like most people – thinking it can be recycled.

Although I didn´t come here to help PALL them, they´d like me to. I´ve been teaching at the school where my friend teaches and we used 3 weeks of our plastics as an example. (I decided to fit in with them the first few weeks, rather then take control of their shopping as soon as I walked through the door!)  I couldn´t help but notice the shock on her face as I poured a couple of weeks of their plastics on to the floor.  It´s hard to know how much we used when it´s all removed out of sight for us.

That was 3 weeks ago and still the plastics keep coming in. Singapore is an unusual situation.  Here it is normal to have a live in maid who does the majority of the shopping, also the packaging is immense here. They live in an apartment, composting is not an option, they have a rubbish shoot that is based in the kitchen.

Over the next couple of weeks I´m going to help PALL them, I´ll let you know how we get on.


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