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My Plastic Free Life this week blogged the story of the mugs and water bottles of Restaurant Praia Arrifana in Portugal. 

Beth Terry has created the number one blog in living plastic free. It was her blog that kept me sane and encouraged all those years ago. She´d learnt about plastic pollution a year before me.  She started blogging straight away, honestly documenting her transformation.

She went on to write a book.  My Plastic Free Life. How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too. Which I highly recommend, with a new addition out in April.

What João Pedro and Restaurant Praia Arrifana  has achieved deserved to be recognised far and wide. Beth Terry blogging this story can do just that, and can inspire many others.

This is the post, which will also lead you to her site.

Arrifana Resturant in Portugal is saving 5000-6000 single use plastic cups a year!

The post is in Portuguese and English.  I´d like to thank my friend Jane for making what I wrote sound great! and Claudia for translating. It´s been a team effort all round!

This is the restaurant’s website if you would like to check them out.

Resturant Praia Arrifana


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