New city, new challenge!

My personal circumstances changed, so while I was in Singapore I scratched my head – a lot – as what to do next. After 8 years away, mainly living in Portugal I´ve moved “back” to England. Though it isn´t back, as I´ve moved to a new and exciting city!

It´s mind boggling, totally mind boggling. After so long how will it be live in England again? I need to get a job, fast! I need to get back in the swing of house sharing (to flush or not to flush in the middle of the night?!) to find my way around, the city and the surrounding area. To get used to being on a bike again. I´m loving cycling around, but currently my bum is not (ouch, it´s hard to actually sit and type!)

…and to get into the swing of living in the busy & vibrant city of Bristol!

Moving to Bristol has been a leap of faith. Having only visited in a few times in a tourist sense, there are many reasons I´ve decided to take the chance and actually live here. From what I´ve heard and from what I´ve seen so far, it´s an incredible place.

I´ve been here nearly a week, and it´s been a serious case of culture shock, due to the sheer amount of culture! It´s daunting, more so I guess as I know I´m moving, rather than just visiting. Thankfully I´m staying with a friend, and her & her housemate have welcomed me in.

Of course moving to a new city would have it´s challenges for anyone, but I also have the added challenge of finding new places and ways to be PALL – Plastic A Lot Less. I really want to live as plastic free as possible here, and hope to find things I haven´t in the past. Loose spices, nuts, pulses etc. Plastic free takeaways, other people doing similar things. Will it be possible?

Bristol has just won European Green City, so I´m hoping if I can do it anywhere, I can do it here!

I shall let you know how I get on. In the meantime if you don´t know the city, here´s a glimpse of some of the amazing artwork I´ve seen just wondering around these last few days… I am blown away. It seams ever corner I turn has another surprise in store!



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