When canvas bags double up as a hankie!

I found this, I wrote it when I was in Singapore. I thought I´d share it with you…

I´ve been living PALL 6 years & I can honestly say this is the first (& I hope the last) time this ever happens.

I´m new to Singapore and was visiting the city area to go to a photography exhibition, when I stumbled across a genuine India restaurant. (stumbled being the appropriate word, as I have a foot injury so barely walked in months.)

I joined the que of Indians and was the only female in the place, but I got use to that when I recently traveled in India.

I chose what I thought was a potato & bean curry. I sat at the front far away from the counter as possible to watch the rain.

I full heartedly tucked in. Those beans were chills, really fucking hot chilies!!! My eyes were streaming, my nose was running I was burning up. I wanted to get a tissue but that meant going to the front, passing the que of staring men. I rummaged around my bag, no tissues… just a canvas bag. I thought about it… but then I did it, I blew my streaming nose on my canvas bag.

Pretty gross! But I was glad I had it, if I hadn´t had a bag I might have ended up blowing it on my hand bag. Luckily I didn´t shop that day and put it in the wash when I got back.

I think it´s time to get a hankie. I also need to learn the difference between beans and chilies.


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