Olive Oil. A PALL & money saving solution.

3 days into Plastic Free July and my little bin was already bursting. Mainly with glass, but there was plastic there. In the form of little pourer things that go in olive oil bottles. I bought the oil with metal lids, but there it is, lurking inside…

(I hadn´t got through two bottles of oil in two days, it was just coincidence that´s when it ran out!)

I do wonder how many hundreds of years we were capable of pouring oil, without a plastic thing inside the bottle?  From what I can see it doesn´t even slow the oil down, so what is the point?  Even if it did, all those billions of pourers that must go out every year… we were capable for hundreds of year to pour oil without them, I believe we are capable now!

But, what is the choice?  They´ve all got them.  If you´re lucky enough to live near an oil refill station, amazing!  But if you´re not?

I haven´t yet found a plastic FREE alternative. I have though, found a PALL alternative.  By buying big!  Of course, I´d rather have plastic free oil. If anyone knows anywhere in Bristol, please let me know!  But I reckon the big bottles can be found in most places, not just my local shop.

I stood there a while adding it up, it´s also worked out cheaper. Shelling out 14 quid for olive oil was a bit painful, but unless I start using it at double the speed, I´ve got pretty much 3 liters for the price of two!  (If I were buying the small bottles which I normally do.)

I choose this brand as it had a metal handle, all the others had plastic. It does still have a plastic pourer, but I think it´ll work out PALL due to the amount of oil. That´s what I´m hoping!
I choose this brand as it had a metal handle, all the others had plastic. It does still have a plastic pourer, but I think it´ll work out PALL due to the amount of oil. That´s what I´m hoping!

If I hadn´t been taking part in Plastic Free July I wouldn´t of looked for this. It´s taken me six years… I´d thought of it before, just never got around to doing something about it…Doh!

I feel like bit of a mug paying out extra money all those years, let alone all the extra plastic pourer things… “You live and learn!”  Now i just need to find the solutions to the other oils I use…

If this is your first Plastic Free July you probably have enough refusals going on to even think of this.  So hopefully this can help you, reduce plastics and save money!

So thank you Plastic Free July and my little bulging bin, for pointing out something that´s been staring me in the face all this time!

Remember,  Every Refusal Adds Up! 


10 thoughts on “Olive Oil. A PALL & money saving solution.

  1. look for portuguese stores. we are big in olive oil and if you can find a grocery that sells the kind we have here maybe, its maybe because mine have plastc as well, you can find the ones that imitate the old times (more expensive) that use no plastic.


  2. I forgot this is half portuguese…there are a lot off blogs here…

    and I just wrote portuguese shops in bristol on google, guess what came up :

    grocery store : http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/seabra-foods-bristol

    restaurant: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Portuguese-Taste/117197781669995

    If they are halfway decent portuguese they MUST have olive oil.

    I can’t tell because the pictures are too small but i see some traditional things there…lots off plstic too but its everywhere.

    We are everywere :)!!!!!!!!!!!! can´t get rid off us…

    And you can always ask a friend to mail some to you…i think it can be done

    Best regards



  3. Hey Júlia!

    Thank you! I shall go and visit the people in the market it is close, and I shall see what they say! I shall let you know! There are a lot of Portuguese people in Bristol, there were large big connections back from the shipping days.

    Thank you for the tip! Michelle 🙂


  4. Só happy…you seemed só upset on the first answer. I read a lot off blogs and it took some time to remember the arrifana conection. You must have friends here and maybe they could send things…like chese…

    Glad i could help. I look at you as a great role model.

    Thanks for sharing


  5. Hi Júlia,

    Did I? Yes the Arriifana connection, I live very close for many years. Haha they could send me cheese, good idea! Though it works out a good reason to not eat so much cheese 😉

    I found that Portuguese place in the market by the way. But it was a Saturday and very busy, I´ll back a quieter time and let you know how I get on.

    Thank you Júlia.


  6. busy is a good sign…these days i cant get in my local fruit shop…they have the good stuff and no plastic comes home 🙂


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