Refillable washing up liquid

Washing up liquid bottles are all plastic, are they not?  So I was chuffed to find this refillable stations not far away. And guess what? It works out cheaper!  Now I´m saving wine bottles, so next time I go I´ll  stock up so I don´t have to think about it too often.

refillI´m seeing a lot of retailers around Bristol refilling.  If you look out for places stocking organic washing up liquid (yes, this is directly good for the fishes, not just my pocket!) ask them, sometimes they keep their refills out the back.

This particular one is Southville Deli in Easton (bit confusing!)  On Church Road near St Georges park. It won´t be just washing up liquid you find loose in here either…

This is just one simple solutions, for a world with a little less plastic pollution…. Southville DeliRemember, every refusal adds up!


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