Best thing since sliced bread!

I love fresh bread. Recently I dedicated a post to East Bristol Bakery and went and shot pictures there for it. Sometimes though it´s not possible to get to the bakers, they may be shut or I simply can´t be arsed, in which times it´s good to have some bread in the freezer.

It´s easy to have PALL (Plastic A Lot Less bread) in the freezer, and I don´t need to result to tasteless “air bread”, I still have real bread. Which is great for toast or bringing out a bit early to make a sandwich.

I popped in to a supermarket to take these pictures quickly of all their plastic packed bread. Not one loaf without.  I suppose they use plastic to keep it “fresh” as it´s not made on site and who knows how long it sits around for before it makes it to the shelves… It was horrible in there!  I prefer being in the friendly bakers that´s for sure.

It literally took me about 3 minutes to cut these and tidy up.  Now I have fresh bread in the freezer, all ready when I want it!

Remember; Every refusal adds up!


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