Part 3 & 4 of PALL feature on Made in Bristol TV

The last two parts of the PALL feature aired a few weeks ago, they can be seen on catch up.  (If you´ve no idea what I´m talking about, the links for part 1 & 2 are here: Part one Part two)

Catch Up player:  Part 3 here Catch up player: Part 4 here

In Part 3 we visit LUSH in Bristol Broadmead and The Canteen At Hamilton House.

In LUSH Nat chats to Millie, who shows Nat around the shop and talks about their incredible naked range.  LUSH was one of the first places I shopped when I went PALL, because it was easy! I managed to PALL my bathroom in one shop. Yes, it was an investment but their products last way longer than the average. (as well as all the other good stuff they do).

Nat & I were having a production meeting in The Canteen when Nat spotted their bold and brave poster. So we decided to include their inspiring take on single use drinking straws.  Jamie explains to Nat how the Canteen are not using 120,000 straws a year!

In Part 4 which you can catch here Nat visits Easton in Bristol, and interviews me…  I wanted to include places in the feature close to home that help me PALL, so we visits East Bristol Bakery for a loaf of bread

The team at East Bristol Bakeryand Jeevan Sweets on Stapelton road for a takeaway. Essentials in life!

I also wrote in an interview with me…. possibly why I haven´t blogged it till now!  I´m use to being behind a camera, not in front of one! So Tom put camera two on a tripod and  Nat & I talk about how long I´ve been PALL-ing and the reasons behind it.

If you didn´t catch part one & two, the details with the links to watch them are here:

PALL feature part 1  PALL feature part 2

Thank you for watching, so far the feed back has been fantastic!  And to all the people who were happy to be involved.  Showcasing Bristol and some of the awesome things happening here.

Most of all thank you to Natalie Fee. I wrote a four-part feature with her in mind, with no idea if she´d want to run it on or not…. As we can see, she did!

Nat is a natural presenter, she brings the features to life and make them very watchable. It helps to ´cos she´s into it. She´s bang into it!  She´s also an author, poet, singer songwriter and campaigner. Yep, she´s busy! Nat founded City to Sea in March having learnt about plastic pollution and it´s devastating effects just a year before. It´s been fantastic working together on the feature, and I´m excited to be working with the City to Sea team for Refill Bristol but that in itself will be another blog post… check out the link, Refill Bristol is cool…

I hope you enjoyed them. Be great to hear your thoughts!


Thank you for your comments.

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