New Year. New You!

Or, as was the case, New Me! And a (slightly) new Deirdre Me. I´d won a 60 minute day out with Comic Oh Deirdre Me, & what a fun-filled day out it was!

We went along to her night Nincompoop Bristol´s Silliest Alternative Comedy Night, in December. Deirdre Me was so much fun when the chance came to win a 60 minute day out with her, I wanted that day out!  I put my best effort in, and I was the best of about 12 people to do….. nothing.  Not as easy as it may sound! From a choice of 3, I pulled, New Year New You. She must have known. (she assures me the others were different!)

We had our 60 minute day out the first week of January. This is the awesome montage Deirdre Me put together and showed at her latest night at the The Wardrobe Theatre

That´s the video, and captures our day out just brilliantly!  I´m gunna talk how we got to the subject of plastic, and how it brought an unexpected twist in our day out…

You´ll notice at the end of the video (you´ve not watch it?! Why not?! Go on watch it. Oh Deirdre Me puts a lot of effort in for those two minutes, making it very funny.)  she´s written:

When you´ve got friends you don´t need (so much) plastic.

It´s a New Year and I´m a (slightly) New Me. Thank you Michelle.

I´ve never thought of it like that. Ever!  But I think Deirdre Me has hit on a something, I´ll get on to that…

On the day we meet the sun was shining and the sky was blue. January in Bristol, it is known!  Deirdre Me asked to meet me at no.10 on a certain street. That street had 3 number 10s. What´s that about?! When I found the right number 10 we were opposite a huge graveyard. As Deirdre Me explained in no uncertain terms. That´s where were gunna end up, so might as well enjoy ourselves!”  She has a point, a very good point!  Indeed we are… so we might as well!

We then went for a walk, where she explained the new me was waiting….

10 minutes later and we were here. Deirdre Me wasn´t to know, but my plastic-dar did kick in at this point…

We sat down in the cafe & had a cuppa tea, in real cups! With real spoons. Amazing.

There she asked a few questions to get to know me. She said, “who´s your hero?” “I have a lot of heroes…” “No, name ONE!” “OK… Beth Terry.” “Beth who?!” “Beth Terry, as she lives a plastic free life, has an amazing blog and has written a book and everything!”  “Oh, I saw a women on Facebook this morning that does that kinda thing here in Bristol.” “You saw that?! Wow! Errrr that´s me.” ” Oh yeah!!! So it is. Oh… (penny dropping) …I brought you here to buy you a new you… Lets see if we can find something… not plastic!”  The challenge was on!

We larked about. We got dressed up, took photos, created bit of a scene… mooched around the shop amazed at all the tat they sell. Most, plastic. But not all. There was a glass jar section Deirdre Me had to drag me away from!  .

When Diedre Me was quizzing me over tea she´d asked what else I wanted from 2016? I´d said, more self belief. That may come as a surprise to people who don´t know me. 2015 had been an incredible year for Being PAll. But for me?  The last couple have been life changing emotional one´s, yes amazing things have happened, but – without going into it to much – my personal life changed…possibly partly due to my lack of self belief… who knows!  So yes 2016 is about moving forwards, personally, as well as PALL.

New Years, they have a way of making us consider…. especially as this was the last in my 30s!  I´m pleased to say, it´s slow but it´s happening…. So Deirdre Me wanted to buy me a present to capture this, but she was struggling. Getting me what she wanted, or what I wanted?

We left empty-handed. Deirdre Me put this mirror – which she REALLY wanted to get me – down. As well as all the plastic, it was 20 quid I did point out!

Having been there best part of an hour, we found more entertainment in the foyer, in the way of a dog kennel and little cars…!

We then went home via the Graveyard, going in this time. Graveyards naturally have a way of making us consider. Oh Deirdre Me couldn´t have picked a better location.

We found more fun on the street!

And then we went for power juice at Matter Wholefoods.

So did Oh Deirdre Me buy me that present…. Yes she did!  But she thought about it and got it at a charity shop!  Which I appreciated very much. And gave it to me at her first Nincompoop night at The Wardrobe Theatre, so every day when I get ready I can remember our fun-filled day out! and how 2016 is New Year, New You. (I´m suppose to write positive stuff on it in lipstick she also gave me, but then I can´t use it so I´m not… shhhhh!)

Did she go back and buy some tat to hand out to her audience? Yes she did! But, she said not half as much as she might have, and she didn´t get a plastic bag. Which is awesome, as my readers know by now, every refusal adds up.


I started the post with Oh Deirdre Me´s original quote;

When you´ve got friends you don´t need (so much) plastic.

It´s a New Year and I´m a (slightly) New Me. Thank you Michelle.

I think Deirdre Me has hit on something. We had so much fun without buying anything. Even though we´d never meet before!  When you´re having fun, who needs to buy plastic tat?!  Of course we all need plastic, that´s the world we live in. But we don´t need so much, I survive Being PALL (Plastic A Lot Less).

That is made easier as I think of all the friend´s I have made because of plastic pollution.  First online, such as Beth and now in the flesh here in Bristol. And the friend´s I already had, who have stuck with me and encouraged me along the way, and new friend´s I´m making who support me. Also how it´s pushed me to shop local, and well as loads of other advantages. Yes, at times in the beginning it was frustrating I´m not gunna lie!!  But I think that was more to do with me than my friends…!

Now, I thank plastic pollution for the connections it brings me.

Thank you Oh Deirdre Me to a brilliant start to 2016. New Year, New Me!

Remember, Every refusal adds up!






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