10,000 plastic items refused – in three years!

Once upon a time in 2011 when I’d been refusing single use plastic for three years, but before I had a blog I was at the farmers market. Which was normal on a Saturday, except for some reason on this day I noticed just how often I’d  requested “no plastic”.

I went home and started to think more of it, just how much had I refused in the three years I’d been refusing plastics? So I did a tally, 10,000 items! 

I underestimated it, and as I wasn’t blogging, but wanted people to know how individual actions add up I sent it to friend and leading blogger Beth Terry.

Here is Beth’s blog post, with my full tally and how I came to refuse 10,000 single use plastic items in three years

So on those days you’re wondering if your actions are adding up, (we all have them!) remember this post, and why not start your own tally early on? Pin it to the fridge as a reminder of all those little victories. They really do add up, so keep on going!

Remember; Every refusal adds up! 


Pencils are the new pens

Pencils are PALL, cheaper, don´t need replacing so often, great for note taking, shopping lists etc. And they don´t leak in my bag!

I also quite enjoy sharpening a pencil. Strange as that may sound…

These were plastic free as they came in a cardboard box (I´ve since lost)

I started using pencils a while ago, when my job involved a lot of note taking. But I was dubious…  Why?  I´ve no idea!  As I was use to using pens I suppose, and pens were “normal”. Now, I can honestly say, I don´t like pens that much, they´re a bit scratchie and not so nice to write with.

I much prefer using pencils and have started using them all the time.

I´d been PALL 7 years before I caught on to them, some habits are hard to break, but a simple habit change can save a lot of plastic. Pens break, they run out, I´d loose the lids. I´d loose the pens!  Where did they end up? Who knows…  I never bought pens, not in the 7 years. Oh no, I just “acquired” them, but someone was buying and replacing the ones I´d end up with. I still have quite a few hanging around, if I need to sign any thing official. Other than that, it´s good ol´ fashioned pencils all the way.  (Which, funnily enough, I now seam to “acquire”!)

Give pencils a try, you may be presently surprised.


“Remember, every refusal adds up!”