Pencils are the new pens

Pencils are PALL, cheaper, don´t need replacing so often, great for note taking, shopping lists etc. And they don´t leak in my bag!

I also quite enjoy sharpening a pencil. Strange as that may sound…

These were plastic free as they came in a cardboard box (I´ve since lost)

I started using pencils a while ago, when my job involved a lot of note taking. But I was dubious…  Why?  I´ve no idea!  As I was use to using pens I suppose, and pens were “normal”. Now, I can honestly say, I don´t like pens that much, they´re a bit scratchie and not so nice to write with.

I much prefer using pencils and have started using them all the time.

I´d been PALL 7 years before I caught on to them, some habits are hard to break, but a simple habit change can save a lot of plastic. Pens break, they run out, I´d loose the lids. I´d loose the pens!  Where did they end up? Who knows…  I never bought pens, not in the 7 years. Oh no, I just “acquired” them, but someone was buying and replacing the ones I´d end up with. I still have quite a few hanging around, if I need to sign any thing official. Other than that, it´s good ol´ fashioned pencils all the way.  (Which, funnily enough, I now seam to “acquire”!)

Give pencils a try, you may be presently surprised.


“Remember, every refusal adds up!”


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