Happy & Hydrated at PRIDE!

At Bristol Pride we kept everyone happy and hydrated with Refill Bristol.

People were loving it! We had such a fun day and it was fantastic being able to provide the party goers with unlimited free tap water.

The gallery of pictures below speak for themselves how much fun was had!

Refill Bristol encourages people to carry refillable water bottles and top up with tap water for free at more than 200 Refill stations in the city. Founded by City to Sea, it’s all about reducing marine plastic pollution at source, by giving people an alternative to buying single use plastic water bottles.

Bristol Water put in a lot of hard work creating a Pop-up Water bar to bring extra refill station at events and festivals across the city, where normally water is in single use bottles and ridiculously expensive.

We don´t have a picture of the pile of single use plastic that was saved. But think; 2000 litres… that´s a lot of water bottles! 

It was so popular people came back through the day with comments such as, “this is the best bar I’ve seen all day” and, “what a great idea, it is so important to help stop dehydration on sunny days like this one.”

Now more people know about Refill Bristol, so lets hope they keep on refilling long after the hangover… Look out for the logo across the city and find us on Twitter


See you at Redfest, St George Park

on Saturday 6 August for the next one!

Remember: Every refusal adds up!


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