‘A Plastic Ocean’ screens to over 600 people in Bristol.

In 2009 I saw the starting of a documentary on plastic pollution. Fast forward nine years and I arranged not one, but two screenings to an audience of over 600 people of that very film, ‘A Plastic Ocean’.

Since moving to Bristol I’m honoured to have become friends with Jo Ruxton, the amazing and dedicated films producer. Jo’s work on Blue Planet One led her to create this, to show the world what’s happening to our beautiful and vital ocean. Jo was in the house and held a Q&A after the screenings. She spoke warmly of her passion behind the film, “If you count the time I’ve spent making this film in Grandchildren, I’ve had four.” 

This clip from Sir David Attenborough is a must watch … 

For this event I arranged a bar and prize draw, with proceeds going to Plastic Oceans UK and City to Sea. We had so many generous prizes, ranging from items to help people live plastic free, and awesome days out to get people outside.  A huge team of people came forward  to volunteer. I was touched with people’s generosity and willingness to help. People really do want a world free of plastic pollution, and are willing to put themselves out to achieve it. Including Bristol Aquerium, who kindly gave us the space, staff and support free of charge both evenings.

I’m not sure I’ve met anyone though, who has worked as tirelessly as Jo has this last decade to achieve this. Her film has won dozen of awards, she deserves a medel!

‘A Plastic Ocean’ is on Netflix and iTunes. I urge you to watch it, and perhaps even arrange a screening yourself … It’s not all easy viewing, but Jo was sure to finish the film  on solutions we can all do to prevent our oceans becoming A Plastic Ocean. YOu can see the trailer here:

Remember, every refusal adds up, together, we can create #AWaveofChange. 


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