Mermaid with a message

During the screenings of ‘A Plastic Ocean’ at Bristol Aquarium, I couldn’t help but notice, they had an in-house mermaid … The next month, I was a real mermaid! 

Not any ol’ mermaid, but Shell, an Aussie mermaid with a message …

mermaid-1.jpgI dug out my Aussie accent, which even had the parents fooled! And kept in character of a real mermaid the whole time.

When children asked where Shell was from I was able to show them on a globe I had taken. The East Coast of Australia. Asked how she got to Bristol, well she was entangled in plastic … I showed them how the oceans are connected and how drifted all the way until I washed up on a Devon beach. Shell was lucky and being looked after. I told stories of mermaids, and how fish are my friends, so when asked (what I ate was the most popular question!) of course Shell the mermaid doesn’t eat them! There’s no need, with the ambulance of plants in the oceans.

mermaid-2It was a fun way to spend a half term. Though it was a lot of time sat on a rock!

How was I a PALL mermaid you may wonder ….

  • The outfit was another mermaids who lived there
  • The hair, no it’s not mine! I got second-hand on ebay
  • The make up I borrowed from my house mate
  • The jewellery I picked up at charity shops

Even a mermaid can be PALL!

Perhaps Shell the Mermaid with a Message sowed a seed or two … Many parents hadn’t heard of plastic in the oceans, and many had no idea how big the pacific is.

I hope some came away with a little more knowledge of our oceans, as well as a selfie with a real mermaid! 

mermaid-4mermaid-3Remember, every refusal adds up. 



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