Speaking with Rob Greenfield

I’m a big fan of Rob Greenfield, so it was a dream come true, to not only hear him speak (twice!) but speak with him, and put him up for a week!

Rob’s an adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian, and dude making a difference. He is dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world.


Check him out, he’s a total inspiration, with more projects than you can shake a stick at! He’s doing it all, cycling across America on a bamboo bike not plugging into any power, wearing a months worth of rubbish around New York, living in a tiny house, as well as putting out videos that go viral, sharing the good work of others. He really lives it, he is a dude making a difference.

So to hear Rob speak in Totnes arranged by Earth.Food.Love was great. To make the chance to speak alongside him in Bristol, and put him up and get to know him was awesome! Food Cycle wanted to host him, so we got together and put on an event, and they put on the food.

It was quite something to have such an experience speaker such as Rob to give me such praise.

Your talk was engaging, with the right balance of personal story, emotion and solutions.

There were people there from Greenpeace, who were equally positive. It seams I’m getting the hang of this public speaking lark!

It’s really an honour to be able too, to people and let them know my story, and how living PALL with less plastic is possible and what we can achieve. To do that alongside Rob Greenfield, was a dream come true!

Remember, every refusal adds up.

And every person we tell, those refusals can add up and ripple out …


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