The crowdfunder is flying for my new book!

In just a few days the crowdfunder for my new highly acclaimed book is at 25%! 

I’m going to keep this very short and sweet and let the page do the talking, where I have included all the information check out the video (in my new swanky kitchen, still can’t believe this is me!) and then pre-order a copy for the kids in your life today!

Rewards start at £13 for a signed copy and PALL party guide, through to corporate team building weekends in the Victorian seaside town Weston Super Mare.

Together – we can bring this to print.

Thank you for your pledges and support 🙂

10x8 landscape michelle with Seb and Polly Planet

Rather than focus on recycling, this book takes a fresh approach by concentrating on the Three Rs – Refuse, Reduce and Re-use. We need to ‘turn off the tap’ of plastic use. Recycling has made recent headlines, as Asia is starting to refuse plastics deemed for recycling.

“Seb and Polly Planet and their Ocean Quest is a 'must read' in my opinion ... Polly Planet is the type of superhero we all seek and she comes into Seb's life at a critical timeMock up inside cover

Illustrated by artist and mum-of-two, Eve Bourrat, a professional illustrator based in beautiful Falmouth, Cornwall and works under the name Creat’eve Illustration. 

Together – we can bring this to print.

Thank you for your pledges and support 🙂


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