Read along ‘Jackanory’ style for the kids

Hello, it’s been a while! Just wanted to let you know that recently I added my kids book Seb and Polly Planet on their Ocean Quest to YouTube as a read along. Or simply enjoy!

For more information about the book, and how you can order it please head to my new website


My kids book is on shelves!

My new kids book is on the shelves Seb and Polly Planet on their Ocean Quest is being greatly received and out there doing it’s thing …

Next to Greta Thunberg AND Jess Phillips MP no less!

It’s awesome seeing my book out there. A lot of work from a team of us, and brought to print because of everyone getting behind it on crowdfunder, and now here it is, in book shops and Zero Waste shops all over!

My local Waterstones

Now we’re in the phase of arranging a tour of the book. So if you’d like to see it brought to life near you, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and see what we can arrange …

You can pick up a copy on the Waterstones website here.

Recent reading and book signing in Waterstones

Second Hand Chic

This week there is a lot of talk of the cost of Fast Fashion as it’s Fashion Revolution week.

For over a decade I’ve been wearing second hand clobber head to toe. I put some on insta to inspire others of the love of #SecondHandChic ... (and give me an excuse to go to the chazzas more!)

I put loads of shopping tips on insta, find me at @plastic_a_lot_less In 2006 me & my Mum walked around Primark, questioned why it was so cheap, walked out empty handed and I never went back – having only a few years earlier become a fast fashion lover when I discovered Primark when I lived in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I hadn’t watched a documentary, there wasn’t much talk about it at the time, but common senses said it wasn’t right.

It was Being-PALL that actually kept me going, knowing all the clothes arrived in the shops packaged in (hidden) plastic. I still get my fix – by going to the charity shops, finding the odd bargain on e-bay, boot sales and wearing anyones casts offs whose happy to give them to me! Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 13.02.31.pngI put loads of shopping tips on insta, find me at @plastic_a_lot_less and follow me there.

I’ve only had the courage to watch the trailer, of ‘The True Cost’ I’ve yet to watch the film, plastic may stop you supporting fast fashion, but like with many plastic items refused that could have a way bigger impact than we can imagine ….

Get shopping second hand, there are joys in charity shop shopping and it’s not just the bargains! 

Remember, every refusal adds up!