Making Refill film with Rob Greenfield

Recently I spoke with Rob Greenfield. I also put him up, so we got to know each other, and he got to know of my video editing skills with the ‘Switch the Stick’ film I made for our campaign at City to Sea, which has over 100,000 views on Facebook.

As well as being an adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian, and dude making a difference. He is dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world. Rob makes films that go viral. He knows what works and what’s sharable.

Rob heard of our campaign Refill, our tap water initiative and wanted to share it with the word.

So together we made this film, which has had so far over 750,000 views on Facebook, and we opened our Refill app global because of it!

It’s amazing to have built this partnership with Rob, getting the word of positive solutions out to a far wider audience. It goes to show what a good dude he really is, as he shares his knowledge with me, giving me guidance in creating video content that goes viral baby! I’m very grateful and realise how special it is, to not only meet then speak with one of my heroes, but to go on and work with him.

Check out the video and once you have, share it!

Then down load the app and start refilling. Every refill is a bottle of water not purchased, a perfect solution to plastic pollution!

Remember, every refusal and refill adds up.


100,000 views for my first campaign film!

Where does the time go?!

My role as Creative Director at City to Sea is where a lot of my time goes, which is fantastic and productive way to spend it!  It does mean this blog has taken a back seat mind you… As well as continuing to refuse single use plastics every day, at City to Sea we’re preventing plastic pollution – at source… With the large UK retailers!

The evening the emails kept coming as they made the switch….

Natalie Fee, the founder of City to Sea invited me to be one of the directors when she considering setting up as a CIC in January 2016 (Community Interest Company) after our time working together on the feature I wrote for Nat’s show on Made in Bristol TV, and we haven’t looked back!

(To cut a long story short!) In December we had our first major victory, when all the major UK retailers agreed to #SwitchTheSitck. That’s cotton bud sticks, from plastic to paper.

For the campaign I got back into editing, and created this video. It went on to have over 100,000 views on Facebook. Wow! I’m was pretty chuffed and in the end, thanks to 38 Degree members, who I knew would come good…. there was 157,000 people on the petition!

Hard for the supermarkets to ignore… Incredible. People power, I love it!

Remember, Every refusal adds up. And so does every signature on a petition!