Making Refill film with Rob Greenfield

Recently I spoke with Rob Greenfield. I also put him up, so we got to know each other, and he got to know of my video editing skills with the ‘Switch the Stick’ film I made for our campaign at City to Sea, which has over 100,000 views on Facebook.

As well as being an adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian, and dude making a difference. He is dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world. Rob makes films that go viral. He knows what works and what’s sharable.

Rob heard of our campaign Refill, our tap water initiative and wanted to share it with the word.

So together we made this film, which has had so far over 750,000 views on Facebook, and we opened our Refill app global because of it!

It’s amazing to have built this partnership with Rob, getting the word of positive solutions out to a far wider audience. It goes to show what a good dude he really is, as he shares his knowledge with me, giving me guidance in creating video content that goes viral baby! I’m very grateful and realise how special it is, to not only meet then speak with one of my heroes, but to go on and work with him.

Check out the video and once you have, share it!

Then down load the app and start refilling. Every refill is a bottle of water not purchased, a perfect solution to plastic pollution!

Remember, every refusal and refill adds up.


UKs first Zero Waste shop

The first Zero Waste shop has opened in Totnes! To celebrate they hosted Rob Greenfield on his European tour. I’m a big fan of Rob’s so when I heard he was over, I made the effort to find out where, and make sure I was there!

“Rob Greenfield is an adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian, and dude making a difference.”  You may know him for ‘Trash Me’ when he wondered around New York for a month in all the trash he created when he lived like the average American. That’s just one of his many awesome projects.

We meet at Earth.Food.Love. Wow, what a treat! I’ve been to scoop shops before, but none such as this one. It’s beautiful and they stock so much, even though they’re in a tiny shop. Run by Nicola and Richard, they’re a welcoming couple, quite literally juggling their new shop and their new baby all at once. It works, so much so they’ve created a ‘how to’ guide for others wanting to set up.

It says on their website, ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’

They even have a peanut butter making machine!! They look at their supply chain, and make sure plastic is avoided in that to, so it’s not just the plastic you see on the shelves they prevent.

It would be a dream come true to see more of these shops popping up, and they’re supplying the tools to help do just that. So get in touch with them if you’re up for the challenge.

If you’re close to Totnes, why not pay them a visit. It’s a beautiful historic town!

They also supply what you need for living PALL easier. 

This video Rob made, with over a million views on Facebook within a week! Together they’re showing there’s a demand for zero waste shops such as Earth.Food.Love. 

Remember, every refusal adds up,

and every zero waste shop that opens will make that a lot easier! 

Mermaid with a message

During the screenings of ‘A Plastic Ocean’ at Bristol Aquarium, I couldn’t help but notice, they had an in-house mermaid … The next month, I was a real mermaid! 

Not any ol’ mermaid, but Shell, an Aussie mermaid with a message …

mermaid-1.jpgI dug out my Aussie accent, which even had the parents fooled! And kept in character of a real mermaid the whole time.

When children asked where Shell was from I was able to show them on a globe I had taken. The East Coast of Australia. Asked how she got to Bristol, well she was entangled in plastic … I showed them how the oceans are connected and how drifted all the way until I washed up on a Devon beach. Shell was lucky and being looked after. I told stories of mermaids, and how fish are my friends, so when asked (what I ate was the most popular question!) of course Shell the mermaid doesn’t eat them! There’s no need, with the ambulance of plants in the oceans.

mermaid-2It was a fun way to spend a half term. Though it was a lot of time sat on a rock!

How was I a PALL mermaid you may wonder ….

  • The outfit was another mermaids who lived there
  • The hair, no it’s not mine! I got second-hand on ebay
  • The make up I borrowed from my house mate
  • The jewellery I picked up at charity shops

Even a mermaid can be PALL!

Perhaps Shell the Mermaid with a Message sowed a seed or two … Many parents hadn’t heard of plastic in the oceans, and many had no idea how big the pacific is.

I hope some came away with a little more knowledge of our oceans, as well as a selfie with a real mermaid! 

mermaid-4mermaid-3Remember, every refusal adds up.